Retro Phone Audio Guestbooks for every occasion.
For a perfect recall.

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Hi, I'm Betty!  

With my audio guestbooks I help you to create unique memories.

Whether it's your wedding, baby shower or graduation party, go for something original: an audio guestbook! Spoken wishes and memories you can listen to over and over again. Fun (and tears) guaranteed!

An audio guestbook? 

We all know the traditional guest book that eventually collects dust on the shelf. I didn't feel like it either. Guests do not always fill it in and the alternative guest books you often have too little space to really share a personal message or memory.

An audio guestbook allows guests to leave a message. When they pick up the phone, guests first hear your self-recorded message and after the tone everything is recorded.

Spoken memories, just for you. Listening to these messages again is a truly intimate experience that is guaranteed to make you laugh and cry.

Meet our gang!

Before the event

You reserve your desired color and we will send you the phone by post in plenty of time. Together we ensure that your guests will hear your self-recorded message.

At the event

You put the phone in a nice place and connect it with the included power bank. Your guests go off-hook and all voice messages are recorded.

After the event

You return the phone with the included return label. We get to work to deliver all your messages in individual files!

Reserve your audio guestbook now!

Splits e-mailadressen met een komma.

A real eye-catcher

A great alternative to traditional guest books that also looks unique!

I'm sure your guests will LOVE it.

Easy to use

Guests simply pick up the phone. After your pre-recorded message everything is captured: sentimental, hilarious and even those cheeky tipsy messages. We leave nothing behind.

Unlimited recording, just like wine...

After all, these memories only get better with time! Your phone comes with a battery that lasts the entire duration of the event. You will receive all recordings afterwards.