General Conditions



1. The following general rental conditions of Betty's phones (company number 0794.500.373), Akenkaai 40/3, 1000 Brussels (hereinafter referred to as lessor) apply to the rental of the rental object defined under number 5.  

2. The following general rental conditions shall apply exclusively. Lessee's rental terms contrary to or differing from these rental terms shall not be recognised unless the lessor expressly agrees to their validity in writing or the contracting parties stipulate otherwise.  

3. It should be noted that upon the lessee's request, the applicable general rental conditions will be sent.  

4. he lessor rents the following object: the audio guestbook (telephone converted into audio recorder) from the lessor's website including power bank. A more concrete description of the rental object can be found on the lessor's website  

5. Additional services and objects can be included in the agreement by mutual agreement. 

6. The lessee must ensure at all times that the e-mail address he has provided for order processing is correct, so that e-mails sent by the lessor can be received at this address. If spam filters are used, the lessee must ensure in particular that all emails sent can be delivered by the lessor or third parties in charge of order processing.  

Check availability and conclude contract   

7. The lessee must request the availability of the rental object for the desired term via the online form at or by sending an e-mail to .  
The lessee will be informed of this availability by the lessor by e-mail.  

8. Upon availability of the rental object for the desired term, the lessee has the option to reserve the object by confirming via e-mail.    

9. The lessor applies the "first come, first served" principle.  

10. The rental period as part of the basic package covers one weekend starting from dispatch by the lessor/receipt by the lessee Friday/Saturday ... until Sunday upon receipt by the lessor or dispatch by the lessee. A different rental period can be agreed in writing but is then no longer part of the basic package.  

Invoice and payment  

11. After confirmation of the reservation by the lessee via e-mail, the lessor prepares the invoice. Only after payment of this invoice is the reservation confirmed. The rental price results from the lessee's order. Any additional services and costs will be indicated separately.  

12. The lessee must pay the rent no later than the seventh day after receipt of invoice.    

13. In the event of non-payment of all or part of the price, the lessor shall give the customer notice to pay the amount due within an appropriate period. If the customer fails to pay within that period, the outstanding amount shall be increased by operation of law and without any further notice of default being required, by the statutory default interest and an administrative fee of 50%, with a minimum 100 of euro and a maximum of 200 euro.   

14. The lessee should make payment by bank transfer to account number BE34 7370 6718 6990.   

15. Different terms and conditions apply to "last minutes". See "last minute reservations" for applicable conditions.  

Last-minute reservations  

16. One speaks of a last-minute reservation if the reservation of the rental object is made in the same week of the event.  

17. Additional delivery costs may apply to enable "express" delivery, these are borne by the lessee. These costs will be communicated in advance by e-mail by the lessor.  

18. In case of a last minute reservation, payment of the invoice must be made on the same day of receiving the invoice. Proof of payment should be sent by e-mail. The reservation is only final and confirmed upon receipt of a valid proof of payment.  


19. The lessee owes a rental deposit of EUR 100. This should be deposited in advance together with the rent to BE34 7370 6718 6990.  

20. Under no circumstances may the deposit be used to reimburse rent arrears.  

21. This deposit will be refunded to the lessee within 14 days of receiving the rental object, provided that the unit has been received back in good condition.  

Delivery and testing of the rental object  

22. The rental object will be sent by the lessor to the lessee by post using a carrier chosen by the lessor, unless otherwise agreed.    

23. The rental object will be sent by the lessor to a parcel point of the lessor's chosen carrier, unless otherwise agreed.  

24. The rental object will be sent in time for the lessee to receive it at the latest one day before the event for which the lessee has rented the object.  

25. The lessee is obliged to take delivery of the rental object.  

26. Upon receipt of the rental object, the lessee must test the rental object on the same day according to instructions imposed by the lessor. These instructions are sent via e-mail. The results of the test should be communicated by e-mail. If the lessee does not carry out this test, the lessee declares that he received it without damage. The test is location-independent.  

27. If the test and optional additional answers to questions show that the rental object is not functioning properly, the lessor will endeavour to provide a new unit in a timely manner. It is the responsibility of the lessee to test this in a timely manner so that, should a problem arise, the lessor has sufficient time to provide the necessary assistance.  

Use of the rental object  

28. When in use, the lessee must ensure that the audio guestbook is sheltered and covered. The audio guestbook must not be used in conditions where it may get wet and/or overheated. The lessee must treat the rental object as a "prudent and reasonable person". If, for example, guests use the rental object, the lessee guarantees that they will use it as a 'prudent and reasonable person'.  

29. The quality of the audio messages depends on the location of the rental property during the event. Background noise may be heard on the audio messages. The lessee is responsible for the choice of location. The lessor is not responsible for the quality of the audio messages due to the location being chosen by the lessee. Tips will be provided and the device can and may be moved to a suitable location during the event.  

30. Opening the rental object and/or making changes to the composition of the rental object is prohibited. This may compromise the proper functioning of the rental object. If this is found to have been done without the lessor's consent, the lessor may impose a fine of EUR 1000.  

31. Badges on the rental object, such as stickers, may not be removed, altered or made unrecognisable.  

32. Damage to the rental object must be reported to the lessor immediately but at the latest within 24 hours.   

33. In case of theft of the rented property, an immediate report should be made to the lessor and a report to the police by the lessee. A copy of the PV should then be delivered to the lessor. The lessee is liable for theft of the rented property.  

Returning the rental object  

34. The lessee will receive a return label together with the rental object, unless otherwise agreed. This return label serves to return the rental object to the lessor.  

35. The lessee is obliged to return the rental object the first working day after the event. This is to ensure that the lessor receives it back in time to re-let it. Unless otherwise agreed, the return will be made via the parcel point network of the carrier chosen by the lessor.  

36. The rental object must be returned in the condition it was in when received by the lessee.  

37. If the rental object is returned late, the lessor is obliged to charge a fine of EUR 250.

38. If the return label is expired due to late return, the lessee is responsible for additional delivery costs.

Personalized message and created audio files

39. IIf the lessee wishes, a personalised audio message can be provided as a greeting message on the rental object.

40. In this case, the lessee must provide an audio file in MP4 format at least two weeks before the event. For last minutes, this must be done on the day of booking.  

41. All created audio files will be transferred to the lessee as individual files within a period of 1 month after the rental period. If the lessor cannot meet this deadline due to, for example, illness or holidays, the lessor will inform the lessee in good time.  

42. Audio files will be kept by the lessor for a maximum of one month after the files are transferred.  

43. The lessor will not use these files itself unless otherwise agreed.  

Annulatie en herroepingsrecht  

44. The lessee has a 14-day cooling-off period under the European right of withdrawal. If the lessee wishes to cancel his purchase, he must give notice in writing.    

45. Cancellation of the contract after 14 days is not possible unless after prior written agreement.    

46. Upon cancellation, any deposits paid will be refunded, except for a lump sum of EUR 20 for administration and any costs already incurred such as delivery.  

Additional services and sales

47. The lessee may order additional services and/or products at any time. Other conditions may apply to these additional services and/or products.


48. Any complaint regarding the rented goods, the services provided and/or the invoicing must be notified by the lessee by registered letter within 8 days after delivery of the rented goods and must be described in as much detail as possible. 
This agreement is governed by Belgian law. All disputes arising from this agreement shall be submitted to the competent Dutch-speaking courts of Brussels.


49. Betty's phones respects European Privacy Law (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR). Personal data are only collected and/or processed in function of the optimal running of the rental process at Betty's phones. 
Personal data can only be accessed by the manager Elisabeth Teugels. She can be contacted at 
In function of the rental process at Betty's phones, the following personal data are collected: first name, surname, company (optional), address and/or invoicing data, telephone / mobile phone, e-mail. 
Betty's phones will not transfer the personal data to third parties. 
The client may request, correct or delete his personal data at any time, via simple request to