Tips: an audio guestbook at your wedding

Practical tips to get the most out of it!

A guest book is a must-have at any wedding: it is the perfect way to receive a personal message and wishes from your guests. You can go traditional with a book or have an alternative guestbook.Will you have an audio guestbook? Great! You will enjoy listening to the audio messages afterwards. After all, we also believe that there is nothing more personal than hearing a voice. 

Six tips to get the most out of your aduio guestbook! 

Tip 1 –  Notify your guests

Let your guests know upfront there will be an audio guestbook. It may sound silly, but this allows your guests to come prepared. Even if there is only limited time for speeches, close friends and family members could still give one through the audio guestbook. 

Tip 2 – Place a sign  

The audio guestbook is easy to use, but it is always nice to have a word of explanation. For your guests, it may be the first time they see an audio guestbook. So provide a small, inviting sign next to the audio guestbook so that guests are certainly not holding back to try it out! 

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Tip 3 - Provide some inspiration

Of course we want to avoid everyone leaving the same message. What is always nice is to provide sample questions next to the audio guestbook. For example, ask your guests to say which destination you should travel to one day. Or what tip they have to keep things spicy in the bedroom.

Tip 4 – A spot where guests often pass by

Provide a place where your guests regularly pass, after all, nothing stops them from leaving multiple messages! An example is somewhere alongside the route to the toilets. Or near the sweet table? This way everyone has definitely spotted your audio guestbook.

Tip 5 – A quiet location

To have the best result in terms of audio quality, it is best to opt for a location which is rather quiet. Meaning not too close to the DJ. Or at least not at the beginning of the day!​

Tip 6 – Move the audio guestbook at least once!

Our audio guest books are provided including a power bank and are therefore super easy to place or move. So go for it! Have the audio guestbook at a rather quiet location during the ceremony and reception, for example, and move it closer to the party when the evening advances. 

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Do you still have some questions after reading these tips? Or maybe you have a tip you'd like to share with other couples? Let us know!