Betty behind the phones

Picture by Facet Odette

Nice to meet you! I'm Betty, but on paper you'll find Elisabeth. 
I live in beautiful Brussels and got married in Februari 2023 on the most beautiful square in the world with the man of my dreams.

For those in doubt: yes. The Grand Place. From Brussels. Is the most beautiful square in the world.

You can probably already guess where this is going... While we were busy with all things wedding for our big day, we were quickly in doubt about the guestbook. Do we really want this? How often have we filled in a guestbook in a "proper" way as a guest?

Suddenly we got our a-ha moment. Let's go with an audio guestbook. We knew right away. Holy molly. This is what we want at our wedding.
We want to get funny, touching, personal and yes: tipsy messages from everyone who celebrates with us our big day! Just as Marcel Proust immediately returned to the moment with simply the taste and smell of a cup of tea and the famous madeleine, I believe that sound can do the same. Hearing a voice immediately brings us close to a person. And that's exactly what I want to do with Betty's phones.

And so this little adventure began. Looking for that new and special thing for our wedding, I want to share it with others. Besides Betty's phones I work as a technical sales in technology, I love Brussels and dogs.